Sample & Prototype Services

Elevate your packaging outcomes with solutions that enable you to visualize and refine your designs. Explore our range of samples and prototypes tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Tailored Samples and Prototypes for YOU

Don’t let packaging uncertainty hinder your success. That’s why we’ve developed solutions to empower your informed decisions at any packaging stage, ensuring impactful results.

Interactive 3D Sample

Experience the versatile benefits of our 3D render samples—perfect for marketing, simulations, artwork/layout testing, and especially suited for small-run projects.

Plain Sample

Opt for our No Print Sample, a go-to choice for testing box structures, size assessment, and material evaluation. Designed to excel, especially in small-run projects.

Digital Sample

Explore the advantages of our Digitally Printed and Cut Sample, an essential tool for testing printed artwork and layout. Particularly effective for small to medium run projects.

Production Sample

Experience precision with our Production Quality Printed Sample, crafted for final assessment prior to mass production. Ideal for medium to large run projects.

Sample & Prototype Package, tailored to meet all your needs.

Place a full production order with us, and not only will we cover your sample & prototyping expenses, but you’ll also benefit from our exclusive 360° packaging service, eliminating packaging challenges so you can prioritize what truly counts.

Embark on your packaging journey with PBS.

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